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5 Things That Set Us Apart From Other Brokerages

Today I want to share five things I can do for you as a home seller that separate me from other brokerages.

As a Realtor, there are many things I can do that separate me from other brokerages. Here are five examples to give you a glimpse of the full service I provide if you’re looking to list your house and get the highest price possible for it. First, having a larger brokerage means having more experience to draw from. There are old rules, and now there are new rules. Technology has come a long way, and my brokerage has more than 1,700 agents that I can talk to on a daily basis. We also have 32 offices here in Southern California. Second, I can maximize the demand for your home and get the most money from a buyer. 84% of buyers search for their next home online nowadays. With that, I can put you in our own buyer pipeline and reach out to the other agents in my sphere before the home even goes on the market.

My brokerage has more than 1,700 agents I can talk to on a daily basis.

Third, I can market with more than just 10 pictures and use a professional to do so. I have a professional photographer that takes more than 40 pictures for each listing. Those pictures are taken with a tripod. Three pictures are taken of each room and then blended together to give a fantastic view of the home and give the buyer a real sense of what each room looks like. I can also provide night shots, a videographer with a drone, and a voiceover video. Fourth, I can stage your home at a much higher quality. If the aesthetic of your home isn’t up to par with your competition, I can have a professional designer come to your house and give you recommendations on how your home can be staged, decluttered, cleaned up, and made to look like a model home for all of its open houses, broker previews, and any private showings. Lastly, I can utilize market trends to price your home. Getting the most money out of your home sale means knowing how and where your competition is pricing their homes and making sure our market trends for your specific city, neighborhood, and zip code will be priced right where the market is trending. Stay tuned for the next video of this series that will reveal more of what I can do that sets me apart from other brokerages. If you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m here to help.