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Is Zillow a Reliable Real Estate Resource?

Can you trust Zillow as a home search and home evaluation tool? Today, I'll explain why you need to be wary of both as a home buyer or seller.

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Can you trust Zillow as a reliable tool for a home search or home evaluation? In general, I'd say it's not very good for either.

Zillow's home evaluations come from the tax assessors, which is usually just general information regarding square footage and the number of rooms in a house, but it doesn't take into account things like upgrades, additions, or even the location of the house. What about the beautiful pictures on Zillow? Those are taken by the agent, not by Zillow.

You'll also notice there may be multiple agents listed next to the listing on Zillow. Why is this? Typically, the top agent is the home's actual listing agent while the others have just paid to be there. You have to be careful because these agents might not know the area, and they definitely don't know the house. Make sure you contact the home's listing agent for questions.

Unlike the MLS, Zillow isn't updated on a daily basis.

You also need to be careful with Zillow because listings aren't updated on a daily basis, so it's not as accurate as the true area MLS. You might see listings on Zillow that have sold, are pending, or are no longer active for this reason. If you want accurate information about a listing, it's better to contact a real estate professional who knows the area and the houses that you're looking for.

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